The School of Health Care Science

Master’s Program in Health Care Science
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In 2006, the University opened the Faculty of Health Science Technology, inheriting the educational know-how from its predecessor, the Institute of Medical Technology. In its 49-year history this institute successfully produced 3,270 clinical laboratory technicians. Subsequently, in April 2010, we established the Graduate School of Health Care Science. This graduate school builds on the achievements of the School of Health Care Technologies, which cultivates work-ready, medical support staff based on practical education in response to needs at the front lines of medicine.

In view of the diversification of job specialties in the medical field and rapid advances in medicine, it is becoming increasingly difficult for clinical facilities to operate in the same manner, in which one doctor can cover all tasks. Besides being well versed in one’s own field of specialization as a medical professional, there is a growing need for human resources possessing a wide range of knowledge beyond their own fields of specialization, thus requiring a team approach in medicine today. As its chief feature, the Graduate School of Health Care Science enables students to learn via a unique combination of physical therapy, occupational therapy and clinical laboratory medicine. Through learning that combines these three fields and gives students a solid understanding of information from different fields, we aim to provide students with a wide range of specialized knowledge about health care that will allow them to play active roles as core members of medical teams.