Introduction to the Graduate School

Introduction to the Graduate School

Developing student’s individual skills and potential relevant to lifelong learning

Japanese society is currently undergoing a period of rapid and drastic change, affected by globalization and the advance of the information society. These changes have resulted in a diverse number of issues arising for which solutions must be found, and in order for individuals to respond to these issues people are realizing that they must acquire skills and knowledge of an advanced nature, even after having embarked upon a career in society.

With such realizations permeating society, graduate schools are finding that their role in society is undergoing a total transformation that extends, beyond the stereotypical view of graduate schools as a place for nurturing researchers and academics. What is required of graduate schools in today’s society is not only to nurture researchers who will contribute to the development and growth of learning in a wide range of areas, but also to nurture expert professionals with advanced skills who are able to function in diverse areas of society.

The Graduate School of Bunkyo Gakuin University has responded to these needs and has opened its doors to a broad range of students who have demonstrated their desire to engage in further learning. The Graduate Division is making efforts to nurture specialists with advanced skills and also researchers who are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their subjects in fields including foreign languages, management, childcare, social welfare, psychology, physical therapy, occupational therapy and clinical laboratory medicine.

The graduate School hopes to heighten students powers of thought, increase their problem-solving skills, and improve their creativity. In order to respond to the changing times in society the division has realized that it is necessary to rethink and reconstruct the way that people learn, adding experience and knowledge to existing theoretical thought. The Graduate School is a place for lifelong learning and research, with an overall objective of developing students potential as researchers and specialists.

Bunkyo Gakuin University Graduate School

School of Foreign Studies Master’s Program in English Communication
School of Business Administration Master’s Program in Business Administion

  • Business Administration Course
  • Contents and Marketing Course
  • Medical Management Course
  • Tax manegement Course
School of Human Studeis Master’s Program in Human Studeis

  • Child Education Course
  • Social Work Course
Master’s Program in Psychology

  • Psychology Course
  • Clinical Psychology Course
School of Health Care Science Master’s Program in Health Care Science