The School of Foreign Studies

Master’s Program in English Communication
<Hongo Campus>

The goal of the School of Foreign Studies is to provide students with an advanced level of understanding and expertise in one of four research areas and to give them a solid framework for a future career in their chosen field.

The school offers a two-year interdisciplinary master’s program in foreign studies that can be tailor-made to meet students’ career goals. Classes usually take place in the evening for students who work during the day; however, scheduling is flexible and can be changed to accommodate the needs of individual students. Registered foreign students are eligible for student visas.

The curriculum is flexible and students may select courses from any of the four subject areas: international business communication, international cooperation, British and American area studies, or English teaching and linguistics. Courses in the research area of international business communication include: International Business A・B, Studies on Business Models, Studies on Gender and Career Development, Intercultural Communication A・B, and Digital Communication A・B. Courses in the area of international cooperation include: International Cooperation Policy Studies, Human Development Studies, Development and Gender Studies, Studies on Civil Society Movements, Theory and Practice of International Organizations, International Cultural Cooperation, and Fieldwork Program / International Cooperation Studies A・B. Courses we offer for British and American area studies are: American Studies I (Politics/Society) A・B, American Studies II (Literature/Culture) A・B, British Studies I (History/Society) A・B, British Studies II (Literature/Culture) A・B, Anglo-American Diplomacy A・B, Fieldwork on Anglo-American Cultures A (U.S.A.), and Fieldwork on Anglo-American Cultures B (U.K.). Courses in the area of English teaching and linguistics include: Second Language Acquisition A・B, English Education A・B, English Syntax A・B, and English Pragmatics A・B.

Assessment is by coursework and thesis. Students are assigned one thesis advisor and one sub-advisor, allowing for an interdisciplinary approach to the student’s desired specialty. Students are encouraged to carry out field research or to study abroad in order to gain hands-on knowledge in their chosen field.

The program is suitable for candidates interested in acquiring expertise in the fields of international business communication, international cooperation, area studies or English teaching and linguistics and who seek globally focused careers in both the private and not-for-profit sectors.

(Updated on April 1, 2015)