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Master’s Program in Business Administration
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The Business Administration Course
The Contents and Marketing Course
The Tax Management Course

The Graduate School of Business Administration was established to cultivate scholars and professionals with outstanding theoretical and practical management skills as well as a deep understanding of management activities, mainly in the three domains of “people, money and information.” The School has developed the Education Model that fuses U.S. and European-style rational business administration studies and education with Japan’s cultural traditions. We strive for participation-based, high-quality practical learning with realistic content that reflects the skills of students who have diverse career backgrounds. The faculty includes corporate managers and other vastly experienced professionals, who employ teaching methods that emphasize the importance of case studies. To respond to wide-ranging needs in business administration, the School has established four courses: the Business Administration Course , the Contents and Marketing Course , the Medical Management Course and the Tax Management Course.

A chief feature of the School is its MBA program that combines Japan’s cultural traditions with the development of individuality and creativity in students. The program provides education that blends theory and practice by using as its base an abundance of case studies gathered from the perspectives of actual corporate managers. Reshaping the practical knowledge each student has acquired from their personal lives and jobs into academic theoretical systems, while emphasizing the fundamental thinking and strategies of corporate management, students are able to raise their problem-solving expertise and practical skills as business leaders. While some students may continue their education in the doctoral course, this course provides a comprehensive education and numerous research activities that nurture management professionals possessing comprehensive decision-making capabilities and foresight.