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The Faculty of Foreign Studies provides two programs offering four specialized courses. These courses implements unique educational programs with small class sizes. The desire of the department is to support students as they work towards achieving their highest possible TOEIC® score. A variety of facilities, including an English chat lounge, help students stay motivated. The department encourages and nurtures English communication skills by providing a campus environment and exchange student programs in which students have opportunities to come into contact with native English speakers from many different countries. Moreover, computer information and communication technology education programs are provided that give students the skills they need to respond to and interact with the computer networks in today’s society. This high-quality, computer-based education program maximizes each student’s potential to acquire language skills and to prepare them for the future of their choice.

Before entering the university students must choose either the International Business major or the International Liberal Arts major. During their first two years of the course, students are given extensive opportunities to acquire communication skills for their future. The basis for study is centered on the following four learning areas: improving English language skills, improving Japanese articulation, acquiring computer skills and creating a career plan. Before starting their third year students of the International Liberal Arts major must choose one of three courses in the major that best correspond with their life and career plans. Each of these courses is closely related to students’ future career choices. Students therefore have the incentive to learn because they know that the studies they choose will have an influence on their future career path.

Course Introduction

International Business Program

The International Business Course

The International Business Course provides students with the English language and business skills that are required for a variety of fields in international business. These include skills useful in the trading, marketing, tourism and hospitality industries. This is the course for people who aim to pursue careers with foreign companies, hotel and travel businesses, airlines, commercial trading houses, overseas affiliates of Japanese companies or banks (foreign exchange). It is also an ideal course for those seeking to study abroad or go on to graduate school.

International Liberal Arts Programs

The International Cooperation Course

The International Cooperation Course promotes learning about cooperation and partnership in the international arena. This is an area of growing importance and it has been gaining increasing attention around the world. The course offers various internship opportunities in which students can participate and cooperate in the activities of organizations such as the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan.

The English Education Course

The English Education Course is offered for students who desire to become involved in the world of English language education as junior high and high school English teachers, at examination preparation schools or even in the English language publishing sector. The course provides opportunities to learn about theories of English education, the development of teaching materials and teaching methods. Students also have the opportunity to gain hands-on teaching experience in practicing their skills either at the Child Language Education Center or Bunkyo Gakuin University Girls’ Junior and Senior High Schools.

The International Culture Course

This course focuses on cultures and languages to help students cultivate a broad knowledge base of the interlacing mosaic of today’s world. Students have the opportunity to study various subjects such as foreign languages other than English (French, Spanish, Chinese and Korea), American and English literature and society, and the traditional culture and language of Japan. This course equips students to be involved and aware global citizens.