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The advent of the computer network age has brought with it global scale changes to society and reduced the distance between the people of different countries. Network technologies have advanced through every sector and level of society and in the daily lives of people around the world. Amid these technological advances, a variety of marketing skills and techniques are gaining attention. As part of the Faculty of Business Administration, students learn about these skills and methods in a systematic way. The Faculty’s objectives are to enable students to learn about the latest business techniques in a practical and creative manner, providing them with skills in planning, rational and pragmatic thought and decision making.

The Faculty of Business Administration provides two programs offering four specialized courses that enable students to learn about basic theories and gain skills ideally suited to their future career paths. The Management and Communication programs provide students with the opportunity to learn about planning strategies and marketing, as well as financial and accounting issues. In each of these specialized areas, students gain deep knowledge and understanding of respective topics. They acquire skills and learn about theories that will be useful in a real-world business environment. The Contents and Marketing programs provide students with the opportunity to study and research specialist skills such as computer graphics, visual contents and contents production, including information processing and network technologies. These programs assist students in acquiring advanced computer and network skills and an understanding of the theories of business administration.

Programs Introduction

The Management and Communication Programs

The Management and Communication programs are comprised of two courses that begin in students’ second year of study. The Corporate Strategies and Communication Course enables students to learn about product planning strategies, sales promotions, public relations and e-marketing techniques, while providing students with a comprehensive range of required skills and knowledge about corporate strategy and marketing. The Business Incubation/Finance and Accounting Course provides students with the opportunity to gain knowledge in a variety of areas including the theory and practice of corporate accounting, bookkeeping, financial accounting, management analysis, financial systems, stock markets, bonds and other investment methods. Both of these courses start with a broad-based foundation course in the first year and progress to more specialized areas beginning in the second year in line with individual student’s needs and objectives. The courses have small class sizes and efforts are made to maximize the usefulness of both seminars and internships.

The Contents and Marketing Programs

The success or failure of corporate management is said to be determined by marketing strategies in terms of accurately identifying diversified customer needs, applying such information in product development and services, and correctly predicting market trends. In the Marketing Course, students learn about product development and advertising methods as well as business strategies and marketing principles and systems from both theoretical and practical perspectives. The Visual Contents Course features a curriculum that is organized to develop information content producers possessing knowledge about business administration and production techniques. Learning is centered mainly on computer graphics theory and pratical expression techniques. Students can continually raise their skill levels, from mastering basic Macintosh operations and the fundamentals of software to acquiring diversified expression techniques and producing videos.